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Eleonora Patsenker

The main motto of my life: leave this place better than you found it.
Passion, love, creation, beauty - these are the words I would use to describe any kind of work I am doing and ultimately my life style. I believe everything we do should leave a positive mark on us, our loved ones and our environment. For me, garden design is one of many ways to express the urge to create beauty around me and most importantly, to help others bring it to life. 

A garden is more than just a place to grow the variety of plants or a way to decorate a house, or a place for children to play. A garden is the space where we find our peace, joy, fun, tranquillity, liberation, inspiration and even the love for ourselves and the world around us. It's a place to contemplate, meditate and get back to our inner world, often forgotten in our busy and overwhelming everyday lives. That's the place where all your senses (smell, touch, taste, sight, hearing) are fully engaged and give you extraordinary feelings, that make you want to return to your "dream haven" garden again, again, and again.

That's why one of my favourite sayings is: "Show me your garden and I'll tell you who you are." Being in harmony with nature means being in harmony with yourself. That's why each garden is very individual, each feature of it is the reflection of yourself, your visions, your emotions and feelings. That's why I always work very closely with my clients and try to figure out what exactly you are looking for, what having a garden means to you, what you expect from it or how much time you are willing to invest in it. If you have a connection and love your garden, it will pay you back hundreds of times over.

Let's try to make this world more beautiful together :)

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