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- Consulting on plants. Do you know which plants suit best for your garden? I can provide you with a list with all the plant details and requirements for optimal growth and maintenance.

-  Consulting on space. You have a too big or too small garden? I am happy to help you organise your outdoor area in the most practical, functional and esthetical way. A few 2D sketches with design ideas will be provided.

- Consulting on materials. Not sure what kind of bricks or slabs to use in your garden? Or what furniture would suit best? Can help you find the best materials, with optimum quality and price ratio from the most reliable providers. You will receive a file with all the details included. 


  - CHF 80 per hour - 


General Concept Plans 

Providing you with at least three descriptive design ideas for your garden. This includes general concept design plans in the form of 2D and 3D visualization materials (plans, images).​

- CHF 600 -

Master Plans

Providing you with detailed professional garden design technical master plans and supporting documents: details about all materials used for design of your garden, including hard landscaping materials, plants, lights and/or furniture (e.g. kind of material, amount required, price).

 Hard Landscaping Plan:  - CHF 400 -

Planting Plan: - CHF 400 -

Lights and Furniture Plan: - CHF 400 -


Visualization of your dream garden with cutting edge real-time 3D visualisation state-of-the-art computer software*. Provides you with super realistic walkthrough in your garden. The video I create will allow you to visualize your newly designed garden real-time from different angles and perspectives, in different weather conditions, seasons, day lights and shadows (see an example in my portfolio).

*To create a video, at least one general concept plan should be done beforehand. 


- CHF 300 -

How we work


According to your wishes! Modern, or cosy, or cosy modern? Flourishing green or sturdy stones? Everything is possible! I love the beauty of simplicity and will strive for what your soul wants. 


Stage 1: Visiting your garden and defining your wishes. Filling out the questionnaire. Alternatively, you can send me the plan of your garden via email (including some photos and the questionnaire). An estimation of the exact costs for design work will be assessed after that and sent to you before the next stage.

- email: free 

- visit: from 150 CHF/h

Stage 2: Providing you with 3 general concept design ideas (2D and 3D plans and images), which we will discuss, work through, modify, improve, and approve (max 2-3 trials for a fixed price).

Stage 3: After approval of one specific design, we go into the details, where I develop for you professional master plans for this case, to be provided to contractors (or for your own usage):

- Planting plan

- Hard landscaping plan

- Light and furniture plan

Each of these plans will be accompanied by specification file: materials or plants details and its approximate costs.


Stage 4: A captivating video walkthrough can be created for the best visualization experience. 

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